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Bibliographic details is the name used for all the details of a book, or other source, that are necessary for a reader to be able to find it, usually in order to find a reference. (The adjective bibliographic is derived from bibliography.) Which bibliographic details you will need will depend on several factors, not least the referencing system being used in your department.

The details asked for will always include

  • the author's name, including the surname and some form of the forename;
  • the title of the book, or other source;
  • the date of publication of the source;
  • the name of the publisher, in some form;
  • the place of publication.

For books which have been published in more than one edition, you will additionally be asked for details of the edition; for on-line resources, you will be expected to supply details of the URL and the date of access, that is, the last date on which you looked up the site (see referencing websites for more on this). In articles from academic journals, the name of the Journal itself is enough to substitute for the name of the publisher and the place of publication.

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